Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So much has been going on during this last month!  I'm happy to report that I've lost another 8 pounds, which is a total of 68 pounds gone!  I am well on my way to accomplishing my year goal of 100 pounds off my body for good!

This has also been a very eye opening, heart felt week.  My cousin past away last Monday.  She was only 32.  She weighed over 300 pounds, had Crohn's Disease and Diabetes.  What was crazy was that she was doing okay, so we thought.  Things were under control and she was working on losing her weight.  She was a beautiful young lady with an incredible smile!  She will definitely be missed by many...

Thinking about my cousin and all of her health complications really made me take this road to weight loss even more serious than I already am.  I've got this personal trainer who is dynamic in every way.  His name is Dewey Admiral Fanning, III.  Let me tell you, when I went to my first boxing class and I heard his name, Dewey, I thought, well, this will probably be a nice class that will allow me to sweat a little.  I knew that with a name like Dewey, he was probably going to be a cute little guy who loves to work out and will be a "Energizer Bunny"!  Well, when I heard the door slam and I turned around, I saw this 6'3" big intimidating looking man with the body that is shaped like those cartoons that we watched when I was growing up (the upside down triangle).  I started to panic and had every right to do so!  Dewey is crazy!  He lets you know just how crazy he is and will prove that at any given moment! 

There are rules when entering his class, like the military.  Once the door is closed, you don't leave, you don't drink your water until he tells you, you don't wipe you face with a towel until he tells you (what?!), if your shoe lace becomes loose, call him over and he will tie it for you, and most of all, you don't stop moving his entire class unless he tells you!!!  YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND!  AND I'VE LOST MY MIND FOR DOING IT!!!  After working out in his boxing class for the 1st time, I walked (barely) out of his class with my clothes soak and wet - ALL OF THEM - HAIR INCLUDED!!!  Now, I'm addicted.  Dewey is my personal coach as well as my trainer of all the classes I take 6 days a week.  If you're in the Maryland area and want to meet Dewey, stop by Brick Bodies in Reisterstown, Maryland!  Trust me, if you have weight you need to get off or just want to look great by summer, he will get you there!!!

I'm really pushing the envelope now.  I'm encouraged and determined more than ever to get this weight off of my body and keep it off for good!  This is not just about the physical weight, it's also about the mental and emotional weight that I've been carrying for years!  It's all coming off and I'm more excited than ever to say, GOODBYE!!!!