Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Answer I Need to Reveal!

Thank you to the anonymous person who asked me a very important question about my journey.  I should be a little more detailed about every aspect. 

When dealing with my mental and emotional issues, I have to be patient with myself.  I know that being stressed about situations (such as the scale not moving when I need it to, financial issues - if they come up or craving the company of a man) I can't go running to the refrigerator.  I handle my challenges in a way that I never have before.  I actually DO something!  I've actually become one of those people who use exercise to relieve stress - but not just any exercise.  I box!  I LOVE boxing!  And I'm such a girlie girl so it's really hard for my family to comprehend that Crissy boxes!  It's something about putting those gloves on a getting in front of a bag and relieving my stress onto this bag!  I punch, kick and sometimes scream depending on the force I use.

I also journal.  I try to write several times a week about what's going on in my head.  Most of the things I write about gets to be repetitive because I'm so focused on getting this weight off!  I write a lot about what I'd like to be doing, what I will be doing, how I'm handling my physical hurts, finding the courage to continue on and knowing that all of this is going to pay off!  I also try to meditate.  This also may sound a little crazy, but to get my mind off of getting something to eat, I watch the Food Network!  It actually calms my cravings! 

I am a virgin by choice.  I used to think that no man wanted to be with me - no relationship, nothing.  I thought they just wanted to be my friend (I used to always hear the saying that men and women can't be friends w/out benefits - Huh! Call me!  I can vouch!!!)!  I now understand that it wasn't about them not asking me out or wanting to be with me, it was about me and me not appreciating my body and who I am as an individual.  I hated my big behind, fat ankles and big droopy breasts.  I thought if I didn't like all of that, what man would?!  Now, I appreciate EVERY part of my body - fat ankles and all (they are disappearing though - Lol!)  I am loving me now and I know that I need to treat myself like I love me.  When the right man comes my way, he may have to carry a sign to flash in front of my face that he's interested, but at least I'll know how I want, need and deserved to be treated! 

I realize that God has blessed me with the strength to take better care of myself!  I was given a warning with the diagnoses of my pre-diabetes.  It was a MAJOR wake-up call.  I said that I refuse to live on this earth taking tons of pills or shots for the rest of my life when I know that I can do something about it!  I AM PHYSICALLY CAPABLE!!!!  Now, it's not my pre-diabetes anymore, it's going outta here!  I want nothing to do with it!  I also realize that I can do my two loves now - be in front of the camera and speak to those all over the globe about loving yourself more, appreciating what you have and keeping a very strong heart and body which will help you keep a very strong and healthy mind!  It really is important for your own sake.

I hope I was able to answer your question Anonymous.  I'll continue to share my ups and downs, highs and lows on this blog.  I appreciate you and thank you for your support!