Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Kiss

What makes a kiss from the one you’re in love with so special?  The first time that I ever kissed a man, was actually a boy named Johnny in the second grade.  I’ll never forget it because I was wearing my Wonder Woman Underoos that day!  My mom was a teacher at my school and the principal of the school was like a godmother to me, so people were extremely very protective of me and there wasn’t too much I could get in to because the adults were watching.  I had a few select friends, one of them being Johnny and we would always hang out in my mom’s classroom after school.  This particular day, my mom was asked to bring Johnny home because his mom wasn’t feeling too good and wasn’t able to pick him up that day.  Johnny lived near me, walking distance.  I remember us getting out of the car and my mom was walking ahead of us towards our house while Johnny and I were walking behind her.  Johnny quickly grabbed my hand, gave me a kiss on the cheek and ran home!  I stood there, frozen!  I couldn’t believe what just happened!  Part of me was smiling while the other part of me wanted to punch Johnny in the arm!  My mom had to snap me out of my cold spell and make me come in the house. 

We lived in an apartment on the 2nd floor.  This particular evening, my Mom & Dad were packing so we could go to North Carolina.  While I was watching Sesame Street and playing with my favorite doll, Tara (you could make her hair short by twisting the knob in her back or pulling on her hair to make it long again – that just shows you how old I am) and there was a knock at the door.  It was Johnny.  He and I both collected Archie Comic Books and he had a new one for me.  As he was walking back down the steps to go back outside, I peeked around the door and called him.  When he looked back, I blew him a kiss and he blew one back!  I WAS SMILING!!!

But seriously, I love kissing.  I think kissing is probably one of the most intimate, beautiful, sexiest forms of affection.  A lot can be communicated with a kiss.  You don’t have to talk.  Just pucker up!  I would love to have a man that I really wanted to have that connection with pull me close, caress my face ever so gently, stare me in my eyes and lure me in slowly for that light, barely touching lips kiss.  Feeling his breath on mine and just keeping my eyes closed because the kiss is so good that I feel like I’m in another world.  Or, the kiss that happens when you’re in the midst of passion and you know you’re about to handle your business and he kinda pushes your back up against the wall while he’s pushing up on you and you pull him close.  The kiss is hot, steamy and all over the place!  Whew!  I need to stick my head in the freezer for the moment!    

The reason I say that I would love to have that connection with a man is because I’ve never had that connection with a man!  I mean, I’ve definitely kissed men before (not a lot – just a few), but it didn’t mean anything.  It was just a gesture.  They weren’t really into kissing me.  They just did it to get it over with.  As you can tell, I really didn’t appreciate myself back then or the choice of men that were in my life, but all of that has changed!  I would love to have a man that I am interested in to scoop me in and plant one on me or let me take the lead and go in for the lusciousness! 

A kiss means so much.  I’m ready for it.  I guess when it’s time, I hope to have this fantasy fulfilled.  I just have to have the right man to do it with! 

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  1. Hey Cousin,

    Yes, I know all about the kiss, for I have experienced just the type of kiss you described once or twice myself in my lifetime. The first time was with my first serious boyfriend. I'm sure you remember him. His name was Gary. I was truly in love with him and between you and me, I still am. Know matter how many years and miles separate us, I will always love him and have a special place in my heart for him. I pray that you will experience that type of love one day, because it's a beautiful thing. I know that God has a special guy for you. God has kept you pure just for this special man. So never give up praying, for he is out there. And in God's time, He will bring you two together. This journey that you are now on, I pray that you will find the answers you seek. Remeber I am always here for you. Love you much, Maria.