Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conquer & Move Forward!

I'm making moves and I need your support!  Dr. Andrea Pennington is one of the best doctors on the planet!  She's also a very dear friend and colleague of mine.  She's helping me get this weight off and keep it off for good!  She just announced today on her radio show (Empowered for Life) that I'm her new co-host! 

If you can, please tune in to our show and follow us!  We get outstanding guests, give great health advice and motivate along the way!  It's time to conquer our fears!  It's time to say goodbye to unhealthy fat around our hearts and on our bodies!  It's time to find great activities to do around town!  It's time to meet new people!  It's time to shine!

Crystal Smith
Hey Beautiful People!

I've just been named new co-host on Dr. Andrea Pennington's radio show (on BlogTalkRadio)! Please support us! Tell all of your friends to listen and follow us! WEDNESDAYS @ 12NOON EST! or you can always listen to the archived tapes! EVERYTHING IS ONLINE!

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