Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Breakthrough Year!


I'm so excited about this year!  This is the year of breakthrough!  You all know that I had some major transitions occur in my life this past year - losing 100 lbs, finding my inner strength, conquering fears!  This year, I'm going for it!  All of it!  I'm preparing for greatness this year and I hope you are too!

The workouts will continue with my fantastic trainer, Admiral Fitt, TV shows, motivational speaking tours and so much more!  I may even go back to France and enjoy the sun, the beaches, the wine and the culture!

I've been through a lot this past year, but it's helped me to become a stronger, more confident woman.  I've been tested, pushed and challenged.  Trust me, there have been LOTS of tears!  And, along with the weight loss, I've been getting more attention from the opposite sex, which is great - either my booty is looking better or my confidence is screaming out!  I'd like to think it was both!

I know that I'll have much to discuss with you this year, so please stay tuned!  I also hope a great man will come into the picture as well!  We'll see...

Time to conquer!

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